Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, from Mysore, South India, is worldwide known and famous for His "Concerts for Healing and Meditation". He is a pioneer in the field of music therapy and the author of the compendium “Raga Ragini Nada Yoga” which is an interdisciplinary work on musicology, Yoga, bio-psychic mechanisms and the healing abilities of nature. 

Based on the ancient Indian Raga Ragini tradition Sri Swamiji developed a musical system in which specific Ragas (sequences of notes) are connected with specific body regions, elements and others. The musicians play according to the rules of the Indian notation system and they play with classical Indian instruments like the violin, flute, ghatam, mrdangam and morsing. Sri Swamiji plays a specially prepared synthesizer which He compares with the Veena, an old Indian string instrument. 

Concert attendees report about the refreshing, soothing and relaxing effect of this music. Experiences being gained while listening to this music may be the basis to more inner growth, to more inner peace and balance. 

Since over 30 years Sri Swamiji and His musicians are giving concerts all over the world. In 1987 they were in the West for the first time – in the Netherlands – and since then they played in very prestigious concert halls like the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Lincoln Center in New York, the Esplanade in Singapore or the Tonhalle in Zurich. The two biggest concerts until now with an audience counting more than 100.000 people took place in the Lal Bahadur stadium in Hyderabad, India, in 1996 and 2006.

One of those concerts took place in the Sydney Opera House on April 6th in 2015. There were over 1800 active participants and this event was awarded with the Guinness World Record for being the biggest music therapy session worldwide. The concerts have a meditative character and serve the relaxation and betterment of stress and strains. Sri Swamiji himself recommends to sit in a comfortable position during the concert and to let oneself in for the music He considers to be medicine. When the mind is calmed, the music has best chances to take full effect. 

Sri Swamijis ouvre counts over 200 CDs and DVDs with instrumental music, Bhajans or Mantras. Those are available at all well-known providers. 

Sri Swamiji supports and maintains numerous social institutions in India like for example schools for kids with learning difficulties (Vagdevi school), a home for destitute widows (Ammavodi). He maintains a hospital which offers free medical care to all and donors food to thousands of people regularly (Annadanam). 

Sri Swamiji is very engaged in the protection of nature. He is the founder of a bird park where endangered bird species and injured birds find refuge. A hospital for birds is also included there. 

This bird park named Shuka Vana is with 468 species the largest bird enclosure worldwide. For this it was certified with a Guinness World Record. There also is a Bonsai garden "Kishkindha Moolika Bonsai Garden" which protects endangered tree species.

Sri Swamiji promotes and sets an example of peace and tolerance in the world, He respects and venerates all religions, all religious orientations as well as people whose origins differ mostly from each other.

In summer 2018 Sri Swamiji, accompanied by His Indian musicians, will play the concert "Nada Dhyana Raga Sagara" in Berlin.


All are welcome to experience the most wonderful effect of His music by themselves.

Sri Swamiji with children of Vagdevi School on the Indian national day

Worldwide largest aviary Shuka Vana